Sandra Keja Planken

Welcome to my world.

“I run a multidisciplinary autonomous studio.”

Sandra Keja-Planken is a self-taught designer and artist. Her work is about the relationship between people, nature and the nature of man. Anthropomorphic color pop mixed with fantasy forms from the human psyche. Keja Planken, for example, processes her feelings and messages in wall hangings and objects that make you part of the work and her fascination for nature.

The works of Keja-Planken let you search for the connection between people and nature and behaviors. She creates her tapestries and rugs by using eucalyptus, bamboo yarn, deadstock and recycled clothing. Her wallpapers, lamps and tables also take shape from nature. All objects with their own fantasy forms and for each a unique emotion.

The works of Keja-Planken therefore embrace your brain. Creations that relaxation through shape, texture and colors. Imagination of the unraveling of material form and her thoughts processed in colours, various materials, treatments, textures and techniques literally makes you part of her work. Objects that are Human-centric and stimulate your own imagination.

People embrace the sustainable landscapes and Keja-Planken’s work and vision into their their homes. For Keja-Planken touches the fantasy and makes you feel it. Not only in her artworks, but also through her talent to design houses, restaurants and luxury offices in addition to her own free work, with her power to let experience and feel embraced.

How does Keja-Planken work?

“I start my work with painting or a collage and decompositions of materials and form. Then I investigate what kind of object or total image it can become.”

Keja Planken cannot be categorized – based on her many years of experience as an interior designer, she made the switch to products and art after a heavy fall and was unable to do anything. Through creation she was able to better visualize her feelings and worldly aspects. She recently started making several works in collaboration with the Dutch textile lab in Tilburg for the year of Vermeer 2023. During the upcoming Dutch Design week (22-30 October) she has her own gallery location for 9 days at Eindhoven Central. Together with her husband and creative concept and place maker Job Keja, she has invited her designers friends & artist to fill two floors with her to marvel you!

Anyone who takes on a project with her is taken to new landscapes in which you want to disappear. The large and small projects take you to other vistas. By keeping the number small, Keja-Planken always maintains the care for the human psyche, exciting and stimulating lasting experiences.

Photography Credits: Muk Van Lil