Sandra Keja Planken

Welcome to my world.

I run a multidisciplinary autonomous studio.

My works are about humansnature and human nature.

From tapestry, object to spatial interior design with an anthropomorphic quality. Meaning they have human signatures and embrace & play with your imagination. I have run my multidisciplinary studio since 2010 characterized with a passion for color. My objects, designs, fashion items, paintings, interior spaces and products are often made from sustainable and leftover materials that blend the boundaries between art and design.

How did it start

I am a nature loving dreamer who creates objects or spaces that make you feel embraced.

My intent and curiosity for materials and matter used in this world created my mattermind on human nature. My works, designs or spaces invite you to use your own mattermind, to open up and evolve your thoughts. I live in Amsterdam, where the studio is based, and I also create on my many journeys to Barcelona and Bonaire. I am an autodidact artist, tapestry, product and interior designer and the founder of Studio Noun Amsterdam.

All the sculptures, products and complete interiors I design are based on intuition, nature and the human body. My designs are therefore always about human nature and “For people who aren’t afraid, those who yearn to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to their space or home”. I compose it all like a painter and every design starts with a small painting or collage.

A sense of playfulness lies at the heart of my work. Much of this is a reflection of my creative atelier.

My studio functions as a hotbed of ideas that tests the boundaries of traditional design, art, craft and interiors. I like to add depth and boldness to a an object or space with confident schemes and designs that make you feel your own nature. I started my own first sustainable wonder room product series and happy huggable rug/tapestry collection in February 2020 just before Covid landed. It was shown in a private show at X-Bank. This after 10 years of running my sustainable interior design studio.

My current designs translate just as easily from wallpaper to tapestry, rugs or pendants, sculptures and decorative objects. Several of them use the same repeat across multiple soft furnishings. Bold and soft colors co-habit with ease in my creations.

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Studio noun

The studio’s interior projects over the last 10 years have been realized with lots of recycled and re-used furniture or sustainable materials alongside new and smart new matter. 

The interior or spatial designs always combine a flow of interest and outcomes. Therefore an office can also function as a club or bar, a restaurant is also a home and any space has multiple layers and functions. It’s never just a space. It’s an experience.

Having previously worked for commercial, cultural, sustainable and creative companies such as Greenpeace, the Red Cross, architects, design academies, music & art festivals and fashion brands, I contemplated the sustainability issue from every angle. And have come to the point now where it’s simply a way of life. Designing with sustainable yarns, fabrics, wood and re-using materials within these pieces feels right. The trick is to come up with surprising combinations. 

I do not claim to be 100% sustainable or ecologically responsible, but I do actively strive to reduce our environmental impact.

Photography Credits: Marlous Van Der Toorn