Oemni Mythical Stuff

milano design week 2023

Painting with recant yarns and glass. 

Dutch textile Museum, Dutch glass museum, Isola Design Gallery

With a process focus & color study of Vermeer’s lost painting Venus, Jupiter and Mercury a new and abstract mythical world has sprung from my parallel wondrous imagination.

A signature layered, anthropomorphic and colorful landscape. Though the expressive work challenges you to apply the “art of looking”. What are we looking at, what is used and why?

After studying Vermeer’s proces and color characteristics and looking beyond the then Vermeer umwelt, a daring piece with lively color palettes, natural qualities of materials and a sense of playfulness has been created. The vibrant Vermeer blues, bright yellows, powerful reds and purples meet my colorful and natural landscape vision and become intensely intertwined. The work challenges the traditional perception of structures and materials and is constantly evolving before the eye of the beholder, just like mankind and nature itself.

And did you know the mother of Vermeer was a textile artist?

OEMNI MYTHICAL STUFF – 120 x 98,5. On show in Milano & LA & Amsterdam / Juli Part of textile museum exhibition “Makersgeheimen”

In the Textiel-Lab Sandra combined the traditional techniques of tufting and passementerie into this mythical landscape. With an idiosyncratic selection of dead-stock yarns that are no longer standard in the TextielLab’s range and use, in the context of sustainability. Such as chenille, transparent plastic and ‘rope’ yarn. With recycled yarn from old clothing to Wolkat and recycled PET bottles incorporated into the tapestry. A textile and tactile vision of the old master’s colors and shapes are complemented by Sandra’s own signature abstract and absurdist forms.

Sandra works in a variety of disciplines and experiments with a wide scala of media – from textile art to wood and object design, unique interior designs and intimate collectible art pieces. In the glass museum in Leerdam, Sandra forms an additional object based on the textile mythical work, which is launched together with the textile work.

They all have one thing in common: they blur the boundaries between old and new art and design and show a rather unique way of approaching objects. Senses are enhanced, color accents create intriguing combinations, the visual focal points are abundant but never overwhelming, the material combinations are bold and durable and the textures invite a more intimate look at both concept and process. Collectibles with a message and bespoke human centric experience.

Artist and designer Sandra Keja-Planken has been approached by the NPO with the request to give her interpretation of the disappeared and never before seen work Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. 2023 is the year of Johannes Vermeer. One of the most famous painters in the Netherlands will have his largest exhibition ever in the Rijksmuseum. However, six paintings by Vermeer have disappeared. In the NPO_MAX program De Nieuwe Vermeer, the  Dutch creatives are given the opportunity to give new life to those missing works.

OEMNI MYTHICAL STUFF – On show in Milano & LA & Amsterdam