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Human nature


This new collection is created to enhance a moment of thoughts, touch and reconnecting to the materials and colors of nature & happiness.


They range from abstract and absurdist, anthropomorphic to human like wonky, grotesque to naive, serious to fun, yet united in a green and colorful reminder of nature’s expressionism. Telling a message of my obsession with nature’s natural flow, feeling and strength.

THE fairy forest side table

Photography Credits: Sandra Keja Planken

Limited Edition Ros-e


Photography Credits: Muk Van Lil
Off the road wallpaper

At Object Rotterdam 2021


Photography Credits: Marlous Van Der Toorn
Tapestry the wave


Photography Credits: Muk Van Lil
The green mind knit
Photography Credits: Sandra Keja Planken
Concrete art wallpaper
The snake wallpaper

An arty eclectic Utrecht home

Photography Credits: Sandra Keja Planken



All of my objects are for people who aren’t afraid, those who yearn to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to their space.

News and upcoming events


8 October 2022

The Hague's art and culture at its finest.

July-August-September 2022

Petit Pop

A pop up gallery created by me and 3 other partners.

15-17 September 2022

A three-day design-route from and for Amsterdam designers, the general public, architects, brands, showrooms, galleries, academies, and other colleagues. Sandra will showcase at the textile HUB at intercodam And Art HUB from the Millenhouse

22-30 October 2022

MESSMERIZING is a contemporary forward looking exhibition at Eindhoven Central station. A space where designers & artists connect and reconnect the visitors on multiple levels. Everything you‘ll see is made to enchant and mesmerize in an overwhelming raw space with colorful design pieces. We proudly show you the gateway to DDW. Set up by Job Keja and Sandra Keja Planken They got to work with the vacant space by @ns_online. This venue in the heart of Eindhoven seemed a bit to large to fill with just one artist, so they asked their designers and artist friends and family to join them in this carefully curated groupshow at dutch design week. Showing the mind and material set up for the future in materials and design, while showing how to program unique abandoned spaces like this. Bold looking works presented in a unique way that blend the boundaries between art & design with joy inducing objects. New works will be shown by @sandrakejaplanken_noun @teun.zwets @dirk.duif @sarah.roseman @bold_schaft @atelier_schaft @martijntjecornelia @pienpost @emmyvandegrift @rutgerderegt @victor_de_bie @studio_aeneae @wisse_design @isoladesigndistrict @studio_wae @sweet__scope @edern.janneau @diego.rapuzzi @3dd_factory @iammi.iammi @lennystopp @whoppahsocial @jorienwiltenburg. @ns even donated some leftover mess to create new works with.v

All 2022

A digital platform that aims to showcase a curated selection of designers and their projects.

All 2022

A gallery in Los Angeles that offers spatial concept curation and representation to those who seek to push boundaries. Ongoing objects are going to be on show at his home gallery.

All 2022

A gallery, shop and home based in bonaire showcasing colorfull objects and interior Ongoing objects on show at this home gallery.

2021 - 2022

During these last months of 2021 and first months of 2022 Sandra has been working with the knit team of the Dutch textile museum on her human nature objects.


The year of Vermeer

Sandra is working on 2 textile pieces with tuft, knit and passement together with the Dutch textile museum Lab.

Sandra Keja Planken


My works are about humans, nature and human nature. Tapestry, object and spatial interior design with an anthropomorphic quality.