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Human nature


This new collection is created to enhance a moment of thoughts, touch and reconnecting to the materials and colors of nature & happiness.


They range from abstract and absurdist, anthropomorphic to human like wonky, grotesque to naive, serious to fun, yet united in a green and colorful reminder of nature’s expressionism. Telling a message of my obsession with nature’s natural flow, feeling and strength.

The Green Mile Tapestry
An enlarged vision of my painting and natural exploration of where we need to go with nature.


Shown at: DDW- MESSMERIZING 2022, Milano Design Week 2022, Glue Amsterdam 2022
Photography Credits: Latisha Loos 

Limited Edition Ros-e


Photography Credits: Muk Van Lil
Off the road wallpaper
The flow tapestry
A strong piece that fires of the female and life flow by its form and textures.


Shown at: DDW- MESSMERIZING 2022, Object Rotterdam 2021
Photography Credits: Latisha Loos 
Private home in utrecht
An arty eclectic Utrecht home
Photography Credits: Valentina Sommariva
Pieces of Ve by Me
A sneak peak into the year of Vermeer 2023, A decomposition of Vermeer’s matter and colors into a new and abstract artwork
Photography Credits: Latisha Loos
Ping Pong Club, beer café and event venue unique for Utrecht
Tapestry the wave


Photography Credits: Muk Van Lil
The green mind knit tapestry
I created 13 unique knit patterns at the Textile Lab of the Textile Museum from remaining yearns.


Shown at: DDW- MESSMERIZING 2022, Milano Design Week 2022, Glue Amsterdam 2022
Photography Credits: Latisha Loos 
Concrete art wallpaper
The snake wallpaper


Photography Credits: Sandra Keja Planken
The Nature Face
Photography Credits: Latisha Loos



All of my objects are for people who aren’t afraid, those who yearn to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to their space.

News and upcoming events


January - February 2023

Rhett Baruch Gallery presents Tangible Digital, a group show exploring the tethers of the modern age. We all are challenged with bringing dynamism into our online presence, trying to animate the numbers within code. This show brings you work across the programed sphere embracing humanity from flat expression.


A gallery in Los Angeles that offers spatial concept curation and representation to those who seek to push boundaries. Ongoing objects are going to be on show at his home gallery.


The year of Vermeer

Sandra is working on 2 textile pieces with tuft, knit and passement together with the Dutch textile museum Lab.


A place to stay and sleep between art & design. Opening the 5th of November 2022 it will be on show for a whole year.



X- Bank dutch Design Gallery – 2020

Object Rotterdam – 2021

Isola Design Gallery Milano – 2021/2022

Dutch Design Week MESSMERIZING venue Eindhoven – 2021/2022

Milano Design Week – 2021/2022

Collectible Brussel – 2022

The Millenhouse gallery Amsterdam – 2022

Gallery Baruch Los Angeles – 2022

Whisperoutloud Atelier, Holland – 2022

Casa Nomade Milano – 2023

Dutch Textile Museum Tilburg – 2023 part of the exhibition Makersgeheimen

Dutch Glass Museum Leerdam – 2023

Sandra Keja Planken


My works are about humans, nature and human nature. Tapestry, object and spatial interior design with an anthropomorphic quality.