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“If you should visit just one thing during DDW it should be MESSMERIZING by Sandra and Job. A fresh new design sound and space.”

– Elle Nl

“Sandra uses her art to gift us human well-being”

– Elle Decor Italy

“Sandra gave the space a human-centric design with a colourful twist.”

– Frame web


“Anthropomorphic quality”

Her patterns take cues from the human and animal body which helps to understand why her objects and interiors have an anthropomorphic quality that means while your hugging the objects they are hugging you back.

– cover magazine



The yellow untitled rug is like a kiss from the sun.

– elle decor nl


“Bright spark”

Shape shifting and bright sparked objects and interiors, all designed with sustainable or re-used materials.

– reclaim magazine


“Energy color”

All of sandra’s interiors, tapestries, lamps and objects bring energy and color to your home.

– elle japan, ad italia, ad china


“Instant appeal to hug”

The rugs are suitable to hang on your wall, but also do well on the floor. The cuddle and soft layers give an instant appeal to the touch. And fits the new sustainable & intimacy need. The rugs are designed by Sandra Keja Planken to make you feel kissed, cuddled, inspired and embraced.

– cover magazine


Landscapes of energy and color”

– Italian archiproducts


Wonderous works and landscapes

– Jan Agelink


“Sandra is always inspired by nature’s colors and combines them with soft textures”

– Flair


“Sandra has taken her objects into a unique virtual experience”

– designmilk


Sandra always creates a space that is more than just one thing, it’s an experience

– schone wohne


Texture on your wall with Sandra’s colorful textile art.

– dutch media

“Instant happiness”

The series consists of three rugs that have the intent to make you happy. The yellow untitled is like a sun in your house with it’s bright yellow tone. The lips design invites to be touched because of the landscape of the hand-tuffed threads. They are sustainable porduced with eucalyptus yarn.

– mischou basu, fd personal

“Adding depth, playfullnes, vibrancy and boldness”

The yellow untitled is a rug from collection happy huggable rugs. It’s design aims to brighten interiors like te morning sun. While rug the lips adds depth, playfullnes, vibrancy and boldness to your space.

– dezeen

“Vibrant rhythm”

All rug structures are feminine, funny, powered, amorphous and colorful. The combination of the pink, red, salmon and green wools give these rug compositions a vibrant rhythm.

– x-bank

“Translating her art and paintings into woolen landscapes”


“A funny face tufted pillow  to hug”

– Residence NL


“Anthropomorphic objects that give energy”

– Cover mag

“Works that give positivity and energy”

– The real interiorator


“Sandra her own sustainable designs, tapestries and works always go hand in hand with her selected object from small makers and designer and her selected vintage  in every project.”

– Reclaim mag


“Sandra created a sereen always on holiday home that oozes textures that comfort.”

– ELLE Decoration NL


“Sandra Keja Planken’s design company Studio Noun has transformed the Amsterdam HQ of a tech firm into a playful and highly Instagrammable design haven with a gallery feel.”

– On Office Magazine


“Embracing designer Sandra Keja Planken’s passion for nature and plant life.”

– Frame



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Elle Decor Italy

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