I am a nature loving dreamer who creates objects with an anthropomorphic quality. Meaning my objects have human or nature like appearance and while you touch them they seem to touch you back.


Dutch design week 2023

ode al mar 

dutch design week 2023

Oemni Mythical Stuff 

milan design week 2023

Tangible Digital

Rhett Baruch Los Angeles 2023


Dutch Design Week 2022

soft versus hard

glue at intercodam 2022

snakes in wonderland

Glue at Millen house 2022

This design festival unites art, design and creatives throughout Amsterdam. A great way to connect and reconnect! 

An exhibition full of energy and amazing objects curated by Niek Schoenmakers.


Milano Design week 2022 and DDW 2022

During Milano Design week 2022 at Isola Design District, I presented my recycled wool lamp with other 5 lamps created with recycled materials by 5 wonderful artists at Atelier Kondakji.


Come check us out at Dutch Design Week too.

Human Nature

Milano Design week 2022

This new collection is created to enhance a moment of thoughts, touch and reconnecting to the materials and colors of nature & happiness. They range from abstract and absurdist, anthropomorphic to human like wonky, grotesque to naive, serious to fun, yet united in a green and colorful reminder of nature’s expressionism. Telling a message of my obsession with nature’s natural flow, feeling and strength.


June 2022 Isola Design Gallery

Anthropomorphic Objects 

Milano Design week 2021

During Milano Design week 2021 at Isola Design District, I presented my Anthropomorphic creamy objects with over 20 participants at Fondazione Kenta.

Curated by Wisse Trooster and Elif Resitoglu a Sogni experience was created. Dreamy objects in a raw setting enhancing eachothers designs and feelings.

The Sunny side up

Rhett Baruch LA & Everything but Lola Bonaire

These 2 exclusive galleries and shops have several works  on display.

The sunny side up shows the bright an sunny objects The yellow untitled , the all eyes on the world, the small cantaloop, the butterfly and the nature flow tapestries.

Energy color

Object rotterdam 2021

OBJECT Rotterdam, the Dutch design exhibition space for fresh new and young designs was held in 2021 in the iconic HAKA building in the western part of the city.

A positive colorful vibe at the first possible exhibition during the pandemic curated by Anne van der Zwaag.

I showed several colorful vegan tapestry objects and launched the lips chair, a fluffy almost animal like feature. Objects with color energy to “be touched”.


dutch design week 2020 & 2021

The Dreamworld shows my objects in absurdist yet mesmerizing scenery.


Isola Design district represented my woks during both virtual and live Dutch Design Weeks.

The wonder room

X-bank 2020

X BANK presents “The Wonder Room” — an exhibition showcasing my bespoke vibrant line of handmade, graphic and abstract wall rugs, prints, wallpapers, lamps, side tables and pillows. 

I created something new out of existing matter by continuously challenging and reimagining.