The Dreamworld shows my objects in absurdist yet mesmerizing scenery.

Isola Design district represented my woks during both virtual and live Dutch Design Weeks.


The Dreamworld 3D design was composed during the pandemic. When live showcasing was not possible and design weeks went virtual in 2021. Together with my 3D partner 3DD from Italy I wanted to show my objects in absurdist yet mesmerizing sceneries.

The objects were shown virtually at the DDW 2021 and live at Dutch Design week 2022. Its biophilic and huggable sculptural landscapes give an intimate assemble.

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Born from the fascination for cues of the human body and the earth, I encourage people to add depth, vibrancy and boldness to interior spaces with my rugs.

The happy & colorful wall rug collection consists of three unique rugs made from bright eucalyptus wools, which have been applied in cuddly layers and with different textures to evoke varied landscapes. 

I present them in my Dreamworlds and live at DDW, Milano Design week and Object Rotterdam.

While the Lips design takes inspiration from female and male forms, with its intent to make you feel like you are being hugged and kissed by the wonderful landscape by walking through the wool, the Yellow Untitled aims to brighten interiors like the morning sun.

The Yellow Untitled wants to evoke a sun decorated with textured pieces of the earth. 

The latest edition the Butterfly rug and its unique gradient is made to seduce you and inspire yourself in your home.

The structures are combined into hypnotic butterflies. The decorative motif reveals a romantic composition of wings, flowers and strokes and when looked at closely all sort of details become visible. 

The All Eyes on the world pillow and soft yet wonky Raoul lamp show a custom-made textile and soft world. A dreamy lamp with wonky features from leftover materials.

The Cloud Bed is yet to be produced in real life – and is my translation on being able to sleep with your head in the clouds. From this design though a tapestry is already placed in a lovely home in Amsterdam.

On show

Tuft Tapestry – The Yellow Untitled – 120 X 140 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo

Tuft Rug – The Butterfly – 200 X 220 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo

Tuft Tapestry Chair – The Lips – 50 X 80 X 120 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo And Old Chair Frame And Re-used Water Pipes

Pillow – All Eyes On The World – 70 X 70 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo 

Tapestry – The Nature Flow – 80 X 70 -Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo 

Photography credits: Sandra Keja Planken and 3DD Factory.

These spaces, together with these objects are being developed as NFT’s.