dutch design week 2023

Curiosity sets things in motion.


Don’t end me here, take me there, and let me evolve to a whole new level

A unique architectural space, the vacant NS office at Eindhoven CS, which has been empty for years, will be transformed into a nomad gallery with a surreal feeling from October 21 to 29 during Dutch Design Week. MESSMERIZING showcases a dreamy new experience. 

It shows a new form of exhibiting with collectible objects and scenography on the boundaries between design & art, curated and designed by Sandra Keja Planken and Job Keja.


The whole reason why we can look ahead, create, invent and do is based on childish curiosity – the art of seeing.

MESSMERIZING shows how important curiosity is. Then, now and in the future. We invite visitors to return to their own curiosity. What is made and why? Which materials are used and why? What’s the story behind it? “I want to stimulate unconventional connections and encourage the exhibitor or visitors involved to be part of new paths to the future,” says Sandra Keja-Planken.

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3D video animations by Sandra x 3DD
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ODE AL MAR – On show at Messmerizing at Dutch Design Week 2023


21-29 Oct daily from 11am to 6 pm
21 Oct 12.00 live auction start with Catawiki and Patrick Kooiman
21 Oct 13.00 Trend Presentation Sandra and Buro Jantrendman
28 Oct 17.00 Closing Party MESSMERIZING

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MESSMERIZING is made possible by Skonk, Autotaalglas, Textiellab, Mondilab, NS, 3DDFactory, Greenpaints, Studio Noun and Catawiki.

ODE AL MAR – On show at Dutch Design Week 2023