MESSMERIZING is a contemporary forward looking exhibition at Eindhoven Central station.


A space where designers & artists connect and reconnect the visitors on multiple levels.


Everything you‘ll see is made to enchant and mesmerize in an overwhelming raw space with colorful design pieces. We proudly show you the gateway to DDW.

Sandra Keja Planken and Job Keja got to work with the vacant space by NS. This venue in the heart of Eindhoven seemed a bit to large to fill with just one artist, so they asked their designers and artist friends and family to join them in this carefully curated group-show at Dutch Design Week.


Showing the mind and material set up for the future in materials and design, while showing how to program unique abandoned spaces like this.

Bold looking works presented in a unique way that blend the boundaries between art & design with joy inducing objects.

Set up by: Job Keja and Sandra Keja Planken

Press: Elle, DDW, Elle.com

Links: Linktr.ee