ode al mar

dutch design week 2023

During DDW23, from October 21 to 29, Sandra Keja-Planken will present her new collection, Ode al Mar.


Sandra is known for her morphing designs, art, collectible objects and bold interior design. With her fascination for nature, she creates collectibles telling stories. Her story and that of humans and human nature.


Her new heart of glass vessels, pendant where enchanting textiles and glass meet, ocean wave weaving tapestry and sea grass tuft tapestry call to mind puffy cumulus nature forms, like some kind of landscape or coral growing at the bottom of the sea.

“I need the sea because it teaches me the best I can be.” 

ODE AL MAR – On show at Dutch Design Week 2023
3D video animations by Sandra x 3DD
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The collectibles by Sandra range from glass vessels to tapestry, a messmerizing pendant where glass and textile is brought to life in an enchanting mix and her wall coverings. They all appear to be morphing or otherwise on the move. All objects created from there one resulted in amorphous natural forms, and each holds a unique emotion. 


They therefore embrace your brain and relax through shape, texture and colors. Her vivid imagination of the unraveling of material form and her thoughts processed in bold colors, various materials, treatments, textures, and techniques literally makes you part of her work. 


With a human-centric touch to evoke stimulating your own imagination. She builds her latest pieces by hand painting, collaging and implementing 3D techniques for the base forms and translating these with passementerie, weaving and glass blowing into her handmade yarn landscapes, tapestry landscape & glass work.



The collection will be shown in the Nomad gallery MESSMERIZING during Dutch Design Week.


Heart of Glass Vessel, 80 x 40 & 40 x 20, remnant glass and colors.
Ocean of Greens Tapestry, 160 x 100 & 60 x 80, eucalyptus and bamboo yarns tuft.
Ocean Wave Tapestry, 160 x 140, remnant yarns and recycled pet and wolkat, woven.
Coral Flower Pendant, 120 x 60, recycled pet and wolkat mixed with remnant chenille linnen and cotton intertwining the remnant glass and recycled Carglass.
Coral Oemni Sculpture, 120 x 40, recycled Carglass and remnant glass and colors.
In collab with the Dutch Textile Museum and Lab and the Dutch Glass.


21-29 Oct daily from 11am to 6 pm
21 Oct 12.00 live auction start with Catawiki and Patrick Kooiman
21 Oct 13.00 Trend Presentation Sandra and Buro Jantrendman
28 Oct 17.00 Closing Party MESSMERIZING

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ODE AL MAR – On show at Dutch Design Week 2023