The Re-edition and exhibition

6 Dutch Design Studios Create Lamps Made From Waste Materials

During Milano Design week 2022 at Isola Design District, I presented my recycled wool lamp with other 5 lamps created with recycled materials by 5 wonderful artists at Atelier Kondakji.

Curated by Wisse Trooster.
Sandra Keja Planken

I designed an anthropomorphic lamp made from byproducts of my works with the Textile Museum Tilburg. The textures and colors give the lamp an eclectic look that stems from my connection to nature and natural landscapes.

Klaas Kuiken and Charley Reijnders, believe the world has stopped making sense; hence their slogan, “Stop Making Sense”. 

Their lamp is made from discarded foam pieces that resemble stones, after dyeing.

Carissa Ten Tije in Rotterdam, selected to use a grey and lifeless material but that diffuses color once illuminated.
The lamp is made with bottom ash, a material made from burning waste-to-energy plants.

Ulrike Jurklies and Paul Bas, believes good design “makes sense,” especially when they enhance a positive attitude towards life. 

Their lamp is made from leftover acrylic mirror material collected from the studio’s interior projects and give them a second life.

Teun’s lamp started the same way he goes about creating cabinets. By using waste wood pieces from furniture manufacturers, he’s able to layer them all to create one large panel.

His lamp comes from sanding discs, a material he’s used before to create clocks. Sanding discs are one of the few paper-based products that can’t be reused but here, he’s able layer them to create a backlit panel.


Photo credits: Muk Van Lil