The wonder room Exhibition

X-Bank 2021

X BANK presents “The Wonder Room” — an exhibition showcasing my bespoke vibrant line of handmade, graphic and abstract wall rugs, prints, wallpapers, lamps, side tables and pillows. 

Creating something new out of matter that already exists 
by continuously challenging and reimagining what it could be, was the outcome of this exhibition.



Press: X-Bank

On show

Tuft Tapestry – The Lips – 180 X 200 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo

Tuft Tapestry – The Yellow Untitled – 120 X 140 – Made Out Of Vegan Eucalyptus Yarns And Bamboo

Chair – Vintage Swivel With Deluxe Xl Upholstery Print On Vegan Velvet

Pillow – The Lips – 60 X 50 – with Print On Vegan Velvet

Wallpaper – The Lips

Wallpaper – The Xl Deluxe

Wallpaper – Lady Legs

Wallpaper – The Off The Road Salmon

Side Table – Take It To The Side – 60 X 45 – Made Out Of Re-used Space Project Material Wood And Old Pipes

Lamp – Lampada De Keja – 80 X 50 – Made Out  Re-used Project Material And A Vintage Frosted Glass

Photography credits: Sandra Keja Planken and Leonie Goedemans